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Xi'an gained renewed attention after the discovery in 1974 of pottery shards by farmers digging a well, leading to the discovery of the vast necropolis of the first Chinese emperor Qin.


The terracotta warriors and horses museum displays the find while also serving as an active archeological site.


Inside the hangar-like buildings are 3 excavation pits where warriors were found arranged in battle formation to protect Emperor Qin' tomb. 

Each of the thousands of terracotta warriors has unique clothing and facial features.


Over 7000 pottery soldiers, horses and chariots have been uncovered and restored.

During the evening, Xian's streets are lively with local citizens sampling foods from kiosks and playing mahjong.

Our evening's entertainment was a dinner theatre, featuring 17 kinds of dumplings, rice wine, and a pageant of traditional song and dance.

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