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File:Great Goose Pagoda Day 2005.jpg

Xi'an has more than 3000 years of history, including 1100 as the capital city of ancient dynasties. (photo by Shizhao for Wikimedia Commons)

Encircling the city center, the city wall, 12 meters high and 12 meters wide, is the largest ancient military defense system in the world. 

Xi'an has undergone economic revival and is now an industrial, cultural and educational hub.

The Da ci'en Temple is a complex of buildings and courtyards built 1300 years ago to house Buddhist scriptures and sutras.

 Within the complex, the Wild Goose pagoda, built in imitation of Indian architecture has become the symbol of Xi'an.

The gardens and squares are beautiful and tranquil.

The garden workers deploy traditional technology to keep the site immaculate.

Temple monks and worshippers perform religious ceremonies such as burning incense and honoring ancestors.

The Shannxi History Museum displays artifacts from the Shang, Zhou, Han, Sui, Qin and Tang dynasties.

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