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The Korean peninsula is 1000 km long and 175 km wide. It is divided as the 38th parallel into the Democratic Republic of Korea in the south and communist North Korea. One fourth of Korea's 48 million people live in Seoul. Seoul is the hub of politics, economics and culture. (photo by Thorfinn Stainforth for Wikimedia Commons)

Seoul's streets, though busy, are safe and clean.



Night markets, like this one at Namdaemon are the centre of night life with kiosks selling everything imaginable and street barbeques creating delectable meals.

Seoul became the capital city in 1394 under the Joseon Dynasty which lasted un 1910. Today gates, palaces, and royal tombs remain as symbols of the golden period of Korean culture. 

Massive construction projects are underway, especially of huge apart-ment complexes.


The students in the host schools of the Seoul Metropolitan Board of Education  shared their talents in music and dance. 

While we were in Seoul George Bush was visiting. Thousand of people gathered in front of City Hall to hold a peaceful candlelight protest.

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