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File:Panorama Beijing.jpg

Beijing is a rapidly modernizing city which has struggled to maintain its traditional structures and cultural practices.  (photo by Castelfranco for Wikimedia commons)

Since the 1990's Beijing has experienced a building boom, constructing over 900 highrises and developing a road system of 7 ring roads.

Tiananmen Square is a massive city

 square in the center of Beijing,

 named after the Tiananmen gate

 located to its North, separating it

 from the Forbidden City.

Among all the new construction, ancient gates such as the Golou drum tower can be seen.

On one side  of Tiananmen Square is  National Museum of China.

In the centre of the square are the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong and the Monument to the People's heroes. The area is heavily monitored by uniformed and plain clothes police, and cameras fitted on lampposts.

The Great Hall of the People lies on the west side.  Chang'an Avenue, used for parades, lies between the Tian'anmen and the Square. Trees line the east and west edges of the Square, but the square itself is an open space.



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